10 Best Social Media Management Software for 2022

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Social media content curation and management can be hectic and time-consuming. To make this part easy and efficient, there are various social media management software available in the market. Here, we’ve brought to you the top 10 social media management software that will help you streamline your social media content strategies

Technology has truly revolutionized the way we communicate and connect with others. Social media has bridged the gap between people across the globe. The human impulse to connect and communicate coupled with the technological advancements and easy availability of mobile devices has fueled the surge of social media users. This, in turn, has opened new opportunities for marketers. Social media has helped marketers reach a global audience.

Social media is powerful and thus, its management becomes all the more important. Social media has the ability to foster deep, meaningful relationships between people and brands that matter. Strategic social media management will help you establish a strong presence on social media platforms and grow your business. 

We’ve listed the top 10 social media management software that you can leverage to streamline your social media strategy. 


Buffer is a powerful social media management platform that offers content scheduling, analytics and monitoring. It is built to streamline your workflows and showcase the value of your work. It is an all-in-one social media management tool that helps you manage your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 


  • Allows you to schedule content across different social media channels through one dashboard.
  • Helps you post pictures, videos, and articles on your social media handle easily.
  • Helps you analyze your posts and plan your social media campaigns to increase reach, engagement, and traffic.
  • Allows you an absolute Google Analytics integration for tracking social media campaigns.


Buffer has two plans to offer-

  • Free (Publishing tools for those getting started with social media): $0 per month per channel.
  • Essentials (Publishing, analytics & engagement tools for social media geeks): $5 per month per channel.

Buffer also provides a 14-day free trial. On social media, you need to be fast, efficient and intentional. Buffer allows you to do exactly that. Buffer helps you work smart, not hard, but smart.


Hootsuite has been around since 2008 and is focused on helping their customers strategically grow their brand, business and customer relationships with social media. They offer a product that is the best out there and is used by over 15 million people and more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies.


  • Includes paid advertising functions for various platforms.
  • Enables scheduling, organizing, monitoring, content curation, analytics and content promotion.
  • Can use to track conversations, measure performance, manage multiple accounts and many other social media activities.
  • Measures your performance across multiple social networks and creates custom reports to show the impact of your brand.


Hootsuite has four paid options-

  • Professional: $49 per month
  • Team: $129 per month
  • Business: $599 per month
  • Enterprise: Customized

Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial which is a major benefit if you believe in trying before buying. What makes Hootsuite better than other platforms is its ability to monitor multiple accounts and schedule bulk-social media posts. Now, manage your social in one place with Hootsuite.

Sprout Social

Launched back in 2010, Sprout Social is a social media management platform that is created to help businesses find new customers and grow their social media presence. Sprout Social combines social media tools from social media scheduling, to monitoring, to reporting, all in one platform.


  • Allows you to measure engagement, dive into analytics for an understanding of social media’s part in your brand’s success.
  • Manages all your accounts and monitors keywords across all social media which helps you know when your brand is being discussed.
  • Supports all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Provides the best benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features.


There are three paid plans that Sprout Social offers-

  • Standard: $89 per user per month
  • Professional: $149 user per month
  • Advanced: $249 per user per month.

You can also take advantage of the 30-day free trial. Sprout Social states that their professional plan is the most popular plan as it lets you manage up to 10 social media accounts in one place. 

Vista Social

Vista Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that helps you understand and reach your target audience and engage your community. VistaSocial harnesses the power of social media, providing you with the only all-in-one solution that streamlines your social presence. It helps you measure performance with easy-to-use features like publishing, engagement, reviews, reports, and, listening. 


  • Can optimize, collaborate and schedule content for all your social media channels.
  • Creates actionable reports that reveal what’s working and what is out of order.
  • Manages social media messages, comments, and reviews all in one place.
  • Manages reviews across the site that matter to your business. 
  • The listening tools help brands keep track of conversations to build a deeper understanding with the audience.


Vista Social has two plans to offer- 

Free (Ideal for getting started): $0 per month per social profile .

Pro (For social media geeks): $3 per month per social profile.

Vista Social also provides a 14-day free trial plan to make social media marketing affordable. You can subscribe to a monthly or an annual plan anytime during the trial or once the trial ends.  


MeetEdgar is one of the smartest and most affordable tools to exist. It stands out for its automation and scheduling features that help content sharing in a unique way. Edgar is set up to help time-strapped businesses automate the recurring tasks of the accounts. It does not allow content to pile up, it adds content in particular categories which further adds a publishing time to each category. 


  • Scans quote-worthy text to automatically generate social updates you can use.
  • Generates posts using a browser extension.
  • Sets up category-wise scheduling that saves time and effort.
  • Allows you to link up to 25 social media accounts to promote your brand. 


MeetEdgar has two plans to offer-

  • EdgarLite (For side hustlers and those just getting started): $19 per month.
  • Edgar (For entrepreneurs and small businesses): $49 per month.

You can also give MeetEdgar a 7-day free trial. Now, spend less time and be more consistent in your social media management activities with MeetEdgar. 


Sendible is an all-in-one social media tool for agencies that helps them amplify their clients’ stories. Sendible has more integration options compared to other service providers. To name a few, Sendible allows you to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, and Google Analytics. 


  • Dashboard that lets you monitor your social media game from one place.
  • Allows you to preview and customize posts on every platform.
  • Allows you to track your content and user mentions, monitor competitors and targeted hashtags.
  • Helps manage multiple marketing campaigns easily. 


Sendible has four plans to offer-

  • Creator (For who are getting started): $29 per month.
  • Traction (For small agencies and brands): $89 per month.
  • Scale (For growing agencies and brands): $199 per month.
  • Expansion (For large teams and agencies): $399 per month.

Sendible offers a 14-day free trial for all the social media management plans mentioned above. You can cancel them anytime too. 


With Loomly, you can manage all your organic posts and ads from one platform. It gives you post ideas and guides you step by step to create posts and ads. It allows you to automate your publishing schedule, post sponsoring and provides analytics for every post.


  • An excellent option for large teams to collaborate on social media strategies.
  • Offers post ideas for times when you’re stuck for inspiration.
  • Allows you to schedule content ahead of time, seamlessly.
  • Provides social monitoring and data analytics for all posts (not just posts published via Loomly).


Loomly has five plans to offer-

  • Base: $26 per month.
  • Standard: $59 per month.
  • Advanced: $129 per month.
  • Premium: $269 per month.
  • Enterprise: Quote Request.

Loomly provides a 15-day trial for free regardless of which plans you want to try out.


SocialPilot is one of the most cost-effective marketing software. It is the best option for businesses that want access to affordable social media software for teams and agencies. Just like other software, SocialPilot offers to schedule and post your social media content from a single place. 


  • Allows you to manage a minimum of 10 social media accounts with any plan. 
  • The ability to schedule up to 500 posts along with images.
  • Holds a post planner that allows you to easily review content and map them to the right social media platform.
  • Helps make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and improve your social media strategy.


SocialPilot has four plans to offer-

  • Agency: $127.5 per month.
  • Studio: $85 per month.
  • Small Team: $42 per month.
  • Professional: $25 per month.

SocialPilot provides a 14-day free trial. You can begin the plan anytime, with no CC required, with the ability to change and cancel your plans anytime. 


SocialBee is a social media management software designed to help businesses bring more leads with minimal effort. It helps businesses in scheduling, marketing, planning, audience tracking and more across social media platforms.


  • Can post and customize content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google my Business.
  • Recycles content while keeping it fresh by using post variations.
  • The collaboration features help teams collaborate better and work together efficiently.
  • Helps customize URLs and tracking features you’ll be sharing on social media platforms.


Social Bee has three plans to offer-

  • Bootstrap (Best For Authors, Coaches, Solopreneurs): $19 per month.
  • Accelerate (Best For Startups And Small Businesses): $39 per month.
  • Pro (Best For Freelancers And Agencies): $79 per month.

Social Bee provides a 14-day free trial to all the plans. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the plans anytime. 

Zoho Social

Zoho Social helps marketers grow the social media presence of their brand by providing a complete social media platform. Zoho helps businesses and agencies to manage multiple social channels, schedule unlimited posts, monitor keywords and collaborate with your team, all from a single dashboard.


  • Helps create an integrated content calendar and organize posts in whatever way you want them.
  • Provides an intelligent monitoring dashboard with multiple listening columns.
  • Helps schedule posts for when your audience is most active on each of the social media platforms.
  • Offers a range of pre-built reports and helps understand the success of your social media posts with detailed analytics.


Zoho Social has three plans to offer-

  • Standard: ₹600 per month.
  • Professional: ₹1,725 per month.
  • Premium: ₹2,595 per month.

Zoho Social provides a 15-day free trial to all their plans. You can also expect to be able to integrate Zoho Social with other Zoho tools such as Zoho Workspace, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho CRM.


Agorapulse is a fully integrated social media management software designed to help businesses and agencies monitor their posts across platforms. Agorapulse integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn for posting across multiple platforms. Businesses can manage, schedule and publish content, identify and monitor social channels and create insightful reports using Agorapulse.


  • Designed to work with teams so that individual members can be assigned specific posts or specific tasks. 
  • Helps manage incoming social media messages, comments, and reviews in one place.
  • Helps plan, collaborate and schedule content for social channels. 
  • Helps discover trends and insights about your brand or competitors.


Agorapulse has four plans to offer-

  • Free (For individuals just getting started): $ 0 per month.
  • Pro (Social media management for small teams): $79 per month.
  • Premium (Powerful tools for agencies and growing teams): $159 per month.
  • Enterprise (Ultimate social media control and flexibility for growth): Custom.

Agorapulse provides a 15-day free trial. 

Closing Thoughts

The right armory and strategy will help you win difficult battles. Likewise, the right social media management software will help you win the business battles. These software tools help you optimize the power of content and grow your social media presence. Majority of the world population is active on social media and as marketers, you can not miss the opportunity to connect with them on these platforms.

Leverage the social media management software that best suits your business goals and witness the true potential of social media marketing.