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A business is simply a trade between the company and the customer, hence the presence of these two parties is mandatory to have gains. A lot of firms have many leads but find it’s difficult to convert them, despite A LOT of expensive marketing campaigns. Are you also in such a problem? Need a tool that can help you gain more customers? In that case, you should look into CleverTap, a great marketing tool that might be able to prevent you from spending too much on too little results.

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What is Clevertap?

“CleverTap is on a mission to help you build valuable, long-term relationships with your customers.” - CleverTap
“CleverTap is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool to engage with customers. We are also very happy & impressed with the support provided.” - Customer Analytics Team Lead Boost

CleverTap, founded in 2013 by Sunil Thomas, Anand Jain and Khodamudi, is a lifecycle management and mobile marketing company with 300+ employees globally. It's a smart, self declared ‘all-in-one’ platform consisting of engagement and analytics. Through an intelligent combination of a variety of engagement tools, segmentation engine and real-time analytics, CleverTap builds a great mobile experience to gain user experience and user loyalty. It allows cross channel messaging, campaign optimization, journey orchestration, segmentation, behavioural analytics and lifestyle optimization. It allows you to engage your customers through a range of messaging channels. It is a great tool as it serves multiple industries like, ecommerce, fintech, media and entertainment, travel and transportation and foodtech.

The Smart Platform

CleverTap - A Problem Solver

Marketing in a random manner can be really expensive and ineffective, getting you no customers. It is very important to ensure that you and your marketing team understand your customers and prompt them to ensure they check out - through a more focused marketing campaign. If you put your staff in charge of personally tracking each of your customers manually, then your employees will simply be wasting time spending hours on it.

To save your company from this trouble, CleverTap automates your marketing through its smart automation that sends contextual and personalized messages to your leads so that they are sure to purchase your products. It even analyzes your lead’s actions so that you can create the journey in a more informed manner. CleverTap really makes the marketing process more feasible and effective.


CleverTap’s Audience

CleverTap is a tool specifically designed for mobile businesses and helps product teams, growth marketers and developers. It aims to prevent businesses from having to find solutions across different software and brings together all the features in this ‘all-in-one’ tool.

CleverTap’s Customers

Over the years, CleverTap has received a lot of attention and fame, due to which many branded companies have opted to use it for their marketing automation and customer data platform. More than 10,000+ brands trust CleverTap to boost app engagement and unravel growth. Some famous names include SONY, Dominos, Stardust, Dream11, PlantSnap, MXPlayer, BookMyShow and many more.

How to use CleverTap?

You can easily learn how to competently use CleverTap through their website, in the section labeled ‘Demo Centre’. They make the use of videos to ensure you get even clearer instructions. If you want a more theoretical download of how it works, then click here. Now you don’t have to worry about having to find ways to understand how to use the tool!

Winning Success Story

Disney+Hotstar, launched in 2015, is an online streaming platform with over 100,000 hours of video content in 17 languages. It was the most downloaded OTT app in India due to its advanced video streaming technology, high quality and cross-platform user experience.

They were having three major challenges - need for user activation and retention, product monetization and personalization at scale. Hotstar’s biggest acquisition drivers was sports, but in order to ensure that users would avail after the sports seasons, something had to be done. 

Along with that, Hotstar wasn’t able to figure out the right way to monetize their business. Their revenue came from two models - Advertisement Video on Demand (free streaming) or Subscription Video on Demand (paid subscribers). As Hotstar grew bigger, it was important to get more paid subscribers. To enable this, Hotstar decided to personalize the user experience- both on and off the app. 

CleverTap’s mobile marketing platform really helped Hotstar’s growth. It’s push notifications delivered 100 Million+ messages in just a couple of minutes during the IPL season. Furthermore, by using Flows, Hotstar was able to find the friction points and identify the best ways to optimize journeys hence increase conversions. Hotstar also localized notifications for free users, and that sent content recommendations in the choice of their language, achieving higher user engagement. Lastly, CleverTap’s Recency, Frequency and Monetary Analysis ensured Hotstar obtained automated segmentation, so that based on the users graphical and engagement information, Hotstar could track app usage, create more contextual marketing campaigns and predict churn.

It also uses the below CleverTap’s features to improve their overall user engagement.

Through these solutions, Hotstar increased the user engagement by 12% and the CTR by 3%!

“CleverTap’s data-driven mobile marketing suite continues to play a crucial role in our growth. Using CleverTap we have been able to run omnichannel campaigns for a diverse set of use cases."- Mihir Shah, VP of Product & Marketing Growth, Hotstar

Also, click here to check out how MXPlayer, an app similar to Hotstar, increased growth and improved average view time by 6x in this short quick video. If you are interested to read more of their success stories, have a look at them on their website here.

Top Features

Have a look at the list of CleverTap’s features below that are sure to help you prepare a perfect marketing campaign. If you are looking for a combination of these features, this tool could be all you need to gain the success you deserve.

  1. Omnichannel Engagement - Cross Channel Messaging, Campaign Optimization, Journey Orchestration, Audience Segmentation, Behavioural Analytics and Lifecycle Optimization
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Email Automation
  4. In-App Messaging
  5. SMS Messaging
  6. Product Experiences
  7. Personalization
  8. A/B Testing

CleverTap’s Enemies

“The ability to extract data faster, real-time updates to metrics, & campaign automation capabilities make CleverTap the best in the industry.” - Senior Marketing Manager, SONY

CleverTap has a lot of competitors in the market, who have launched very similar products - software that help businesses acquire great sales and revenue by providing them with data driven tactics. WebEngage, Mayple, Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, MoEngage, ActOn, GetResponse are all examples. However, CleverTap, an all in one tool, has fueled sales for many companies due to its comprehensive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize and contextualize marketing through the use of real-time insights. Its accurate predictions result in high engagement opportunities based on customer’s needs.

Growth Challenges for CleverTap

In a time span of just 8 years, CleverTap has become a globally appreciated brand, especially after they launched their ‘World’s Most Powerful Segmentation Engine’ in June 2015. They have had many entrepreneurial challenges but due to their intelligently created products, CleverTap reached heights and is still growing.

Funding Rounds

Funding is mandatory and a key step for a startup to grow big. In July 2014, CleverTap got its first seed funding from Accel. Very soon, due to their quick success, it got Series A funding from Accel and Sequoia in August 2015 - a period as short as 1 year. Next, they got Series B funding in April 2019 by Sequoia, Accel and Tiger Global and lastly, their latest funding in October 2019 which was a Series C funding by Sequoia India and Tiger Global.


Since CleverTap is an entrepreneurial software, dedicated to marketing and growth teams , the company hasn’t disclosed its prices but they do have a ‘Smart Pricing’ page on their website, where you can ask the prices relevant to your business. You can converse with them by booking an appointment and decide what you deem fit for your business. If you have any questions, you can even click ‘Talk to Sales’ on their website.