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If you’re looking for an AI-powered chatbot to simplify your customer’s journey, from acquisition to support and retention, then look no further. Teedee is here to your rescue

Having an innovative vision is crucial, but acting on that vision is exactly what Saurav Panda, Varad More, and Suraj Mahangade, the founders of Teedee have cooked up. 

Imagine a world where you talk to customer service and have an entire conversation, all the way from product inquiries, customer feedback to fixing appointments and after sale queries without even realizing that you’re talking to a bot! That’s what Teedee has brought to the table.

Teedee can be integrated into pre-existing popular platforms such as WhatsApp, WordPress, Slack, Google Sheets, Zoho, and much more without any requirement of coding knowledge. Not only that but Teedee works on iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and Windows Mobile. With a team offering 24*7*365 support, you can’t go wrong with Teedee.

Why does Teedee take the win?

Teedee has found a way to integrate lead generation, survey, FAQ, support, and appointment features all in one tidy package. Built by a team dedicated to putting out the best AI-based chatbot there is, Teedee can help the business and customers at every step of the way.

Teedee’s pricing system is unlike competitors' pricing policy. Competitors might require a pay to use monthly/annual subscription, but Teedee has a “pay per use” policy which can be beneficial to many growing businesses as this helps cut down unwanted expenditure if the software isn’t utilized. 

As a cherry on top, Teedee also provides a free trial for potential customers who’re on the fence about the product.

TeeDee also provides analytical and statistical data that can be used to evaluate and improve the performance of chatbots. This helps understand how effective chats are in customer conversations, the common problems customers encounter when interacting with them, and how chats affect team activities and bottom-line results.

Who is Teedee for?

Teedee is built to serve and be functional to a wide variety of customers in many different fields. Teedee can assist customers in healthcare, E-commerce, travel, finance, NGO, education, and human resources to name a few. It is built with a highly customizable model so that the chatbot can be customized on the go without any coding.

Teedee’s Pricing

Teedee has a “pay per use” pricing model and works on credits. The plans that Teedee offers are Pay Per Use, Subscription, Unlimited, or WhatsApp Enterprise

Teedee also offers a free trial for 60 days and 1000 credits for FREE.

Here’s a breakdown of their plans and pricing:

  1. Pay Per Use: The credits purchased can be used whenever and have no expiration date

100 credits for $4.00

2500 credits for $95.00

5000 credits for $180.00

  1. Subscription: The credits have no expiration date if the plan is followed for six months.

500 credits monthly for $17.00/month or $14.50/month, annually

5000 credits monthly for $152.00/month or  $123.50/month, annually

10000 credits monthly for $268.00/month or $211.00/month, annually

  1. Unlimited: The unlimited credits plan offers unlimited credits

       $89.00 for unlimited credits for 30 days

       $749.00 for unlimited credits for 365 days

Wrapping it up…

Teedee is for any business looking to have a virtual, AI-powered hand assisting them with their customer-related services. With features such as highly on-the-go customizability, integration with WhatsApp, WordPress, Zoho, and many such popular platforms, and a pricing plan that’s scalable for businesses of any size, and statistics and analytical data available anytime, Teedee can truly change the way your customers interact with your business.