Top 10 Micro SaaS Media Products

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The concept of a small, self-serve SaaS solution aka Micro SaaS is becoming increasingly popular among startups and entrepreneurs who are looking for low-cost solutions that can be implemented quickly. 

Here are 10 best examples of Micro SaaS Audio, Video, and Image Tools: 


Audiogram allows you to convert any audio clip into a social media post in three simple steps. 1. Upload your audio. 2. Edit it however you like. 3. Export your mp4 file and share it with your #InstaFam. It is always appreciated if  you make your posts accessible for everyone. Audiogram’s transcription feature will help add captions to your posts. One of the best things about this SaaS is that it is optimized for every social media platform including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

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  • Free
  • Pro: $19/month
  • Elite: $29/month 


If you run a podcast then a great option with similar features to Audiogram is Headliner. With Headliner, you can add animations, captions, gifs, videos, images, and more to your podcast and make it much more engaging. The SaaS also allows you to transcribe your videos easily. 


  • Free
  • Basic: $7.99/month
  • Pro $19.99/month 


Another option for making your podcasts more consumable for social media is Wavve. With Wavve, you can turn your audio clips into engaging videos. Add custom images, logo, animation, subtitles, and more to make an impact on your social media audience. 


G2 reviewer: “I like that Wavve shows the audio waves over a photo so people know there is an audio track if they have the sound off. Also there is a feature where it will transcribe the audio so people can read the audio content. It is simple to use and allows me to create content quickly and efficiently. Ultimately the best part is that it makes my social media posts look slick.”


  • Free
  • Creator: $12.99/month
  • Influencer: $19.99/month
  • Agency: $32.99/month
  • Network: $59.99/month 


Working as a social media manager requires you to be like Dr Octopus - not evil, but having multiple mechanical arms to control various social media platforms. Placid makes it easier for you to create shareable content at scale with their no code integrations. You can use their custom templates to generate images at scale that fit your brand. The SaaS allows you to use data from any source to create auto-updating visuals with their. 


  • Basic: $19/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Business: $89/month
  • VIP: $249/month 


Having a video marketing strategy for your SaaS can do wonders for your business. If you run a small business then Kapwing is a great video editing software you can use. It’s a single intuitive tool with which you can record, edit, and collaborate on video. Kapwing supports file formats like .mp4, .mov, .png, .gif, .jpg, .avi, and .webm. 

G2 reviewer: “The software is very intuitive and easy to use. It is just awesome that I can add subtitles in many languages and in a variety of fonts to my videos. And the best part - adding subtitles to videos under 5 minutes is FREE!” 


  • Free
  • Basic: $16/month (limited time discount) 
  • Pro:  $16/month (limited time discount) 


Making YouTube videos for your SaaS business has never been easier. With Veed, you can edit videos, transcribe, and turn videos into GIFs. It also lets you screen record, voice record, and webcam record. 

G2 reviewer: “VEED quickly and accurately analyzes videos to create subtitles, with minimum errors. The website is mobile friendly and text styles are customizable using known fonts and colors. You can also choose video size based on the application you will be uploading to.”


  • Free
  • Basic: $12/month
  • Pro: $24/month
  • Enterprise

Motion box

Motion box is an all-in-one video tool for your B2B digital marketing efforts. YouTube videos, memes, and gifs- create all types of videos with this SaaS tool. Motion Box also offers templates that will help you reduce the time you spend on creating videos for your SaaS. 


  • Free
  • Basic: $29/user/month
  • Premium: $39/user/month
  • Enterprise 



Every business needs a logo, that’s a no brainer. Designing a logo that fits your brand, looks attractive, has a recall value, and conveys your brand’s message is easier said than done. Enter Logobly, a tool to help you design your SaaS logo in a few quick steps. You can design unlimited logos until you find the one for you. 


  • $49/logo 

Mugshot Bot

Social media marketers know that images work better on social media. Designing open graph images for every blog on your website can be a lengthy process. With Mugshot Bot, you can save time by creating link previews simply by submitting a link. Mugshot Bot can automatically create images based on your page title and description. 


  • Free
  • Pro: $9/month 


Bannerbear is a design tool to help you create customized banners that fit your brand image. You can also integrate your existing tools, including Zapier and Airtable, to create a seamless workflow for your B2B marketing efforts. 


  • Automate: $49/month
  • Scale: $99/month
  • Enterprise: $299/month