Top 20 SaaS Communities to Vibe With in 2021

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1. S11S

Let's start with the one that our team at Saastitute loves the most - s11s. s11s has had an astronomical rise in just few months of existence. Run by a group of experienced SaaS operators at the helm, it's a buzzing watering hole for almost 2,000 SaaS marketers and founders. Most importantly, it's a no-fluff, no-promotions space with open conversations, debates, and conversations around everything SaaS and marketing. As the founders put it - they want to make the game bigger for SaaS operators.

2. SaaS Insider 

Looking for an intellectual community to amplify your knowledge in SaaS? SaaS insider has got you covered! One can join this community and exchange relevant information about the successful running of SaaS businesses. They do regular conferences with founders, CEOs, and investors of SaaS businesses to bring out the best pieces of advice and expand the network of the community. SaaS Insider aims to level up the knowledge of what a firm needs to understand and possess to run the business. Be a part of SaaS Insider to share knowledge about running a successful SaaS business.

3. SaaSBoomi

A group of Indian SaaS founders and idea innovators working together to drive the Indian SaaS industry forward came together and Saasboomi was born. It started in 2015, since then the SaaS sector in India has grown to become over $1.5 billion, with around 800 companies as a part of this community. One can either become a volunteer at SaaSBoomi where they can learn and contribute to the growth or can opt to become partners, where they can share their knowledge for the growth of the SaaSBoomi community. They have endless sponsorship options to choose from.

4. SaaS Invaders

This website provides a platform where an individual can sell a deal that is related to starting and running a business. One can sell software, book, or even electronic learning lectures on SaaS Invader. You need to submit the basic details about the product along with the pictures, as soon it will get approved the deal will be published live.

5. SaaS Community 

It is a vast platform where one just has to sign up to get the opportunity of learning from other entrepreneurs. SaaS Community is full of bootstrapped and companies that get funds to kick start their business. If you are on the same page and want to learn more about SaaS then this platform is perfect for you. One can also opt for sponsorship or collaboration where basic starter business needs like content planning, promotions, backlinks, database information, and vacancy options.

6. SaaS Club

SaaS Club has a simple mission - to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. From validating ideas to launching a product to growing the business, SaaS Club provides support for everything. They provide different services and boot camps for customized requirements.

7. SaaS Alliance

SaaS Alliance is an invite-only platform for SaaS founders and professionals. It has a big community of more than 5000 people. It claims to have established founders and professionals who exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices.

8. SaaS Revolutionaries

It is an exclusive group of SaaS founders, executives, and investors. It is a safe yet huge global platform that allows people to connect and work on ideas. One has to pass the basic questionnaire round for entry. Once you become a member of the community, you can share your ideas with other leaders, take advice whenever needed, post relevant content, and invite other leaders to be a part of the group. If any leader is reported for creating a negative impact, they will be kicked out from this community.

9. Future of SaaS Community

Another Slack community for discussions, networking, and ideas, the Future of SaaS Community helps you sharpen you plans and teaches you how to sell it to the world. Acquaint yourself with global SaaS experts, learns latest sales funnels strategies and growth exponentially with this one.

10. SaaS Growth Hacks

A group of SaaS founders, CEOs, and professionals has come together to help and solve the problems of budding businessmen. One can make new connections and talk about their brand. The people of the community are even allowed to post relevant information about SaaS on the page in order to spread the knowledge.

11. SaaStr

The goal of the SaaStr community is to make budding SaaS enthusiasts reach success with minimal stress. This is done by making them communicate with industry-leading SaaS enthusiasts and making new connections. The community was started in 2012 by writing simple WordPress blogs and answering questions on Quora. After that, the community has grown rapidly and has pulled off many meet-ups and conferences.

12. SaaSMag

It is one of the biggest and the best SaaS communities that provides relevant information about the SaaS industry trends via printed magazines. The magazine includes news, insights, and, expert advice in the field of SaaS. One can get in touch with the top achievers of the community to discuss major business and technical insights directly. A healthy discussion on current market trends is done in conferences to keep up with the changes in the industry. It contributes to exponential growth for new SaaS businesses.

13. Synergy4SaaS

It is a growing platform of founders, marketers, and anyone who is looking to grow their business through marketing or partnerships. At Synergy4SaaS people can browse relevant companies by many filters, keywords, target audience, domain authority, and much more and collaborate with them.

14. SaaS Marketing Leaders on Guild

SaaS Marketing Leaders is a group on Guild. It caters specifically to SaaS marketers and founders. Collaborate with seasoned marketers, industry leaders and peers via this resourceful group and set your own SaaS for success from what you learn

15. Cloud Computing & SaaS Forum on Spiceworks

It is a huge forum owned by Spiceworks and it contains information about a wide range of categories of cloud computing, collaborations, SaaS, networking, and much more. The community is highly active and responsive thus you’ll get the solution to your problems quickly. You can ask questions, answer them, connect with other SaaS devotees on the forum.

16. Republic of SaaS

The Republic of SaaS allows like-minded people to have a meaningful conversation, to seek or give help for their idea. One has several options like clubhouse, slack, podcast, Spotify, Twitter, and many other platforms to connect with the community. People join the Republic of SaaS to get content that is useful for their business and stick around for useful insights and evolving industry trends.

17. SaaS Stock

The SaaS companies are booming so the chances of failure of startups are also rising. There are several reasons behind failure like onboarding the wrong team, bad pricing, not having enough experience in managing the business, and much more. SaaS stock helps to overcome these problems by attending global conferences, meetups, and by taking up the founder membership.

18. SaaS Founders Club on Slack

The SaaS Founders Club is real time community on Slack. It serves the purpose of SaaS Founders and lets them share their passion and knowledge for SaaS If you are into collaborative learning, it would be the right Slack channel for you to join. Its let you connect, join, learn and grow.

19. r/SaaS on Reddit

r/SaaS is a Subreddit for SaaS Founders with approximately 13K members who share the nitty-gritty of their SaaS building and growth for the benefit of others. It is the ultimate resource hub for a founder looking for real world examples and experiences from industry veterans.

20. Indie Hackers

Indie hackers brings forth an opportunity to learn from founders behind hundreds of profitable online businesses, and connect with others who are starting and growing their own companies. It is a community that helps people to generate revenue from the projects they are working on. Anyone who is looking for financial independence and wants to work on their own terms can get in touch with Indie Hackers for help. They have a stepwise strategy from finding a goal to building your brand in public that you need to follow thoroughly.